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Google TV will change your marketing AND your life

Tthe Undisputed Champ of Disruptive Technologies Has Done it Again!

Many people are just now starting to develop a Mobile presence and test their site for an accessible Mobile web, Now the Mountainview juggernaut brings Google TV to a Best Buy near you. Danny Sullivan explains in his excellent article on Search Engine Land “Life With Google TV: My First Day Review & Impressions” why I say Best Buy specifically. The GoogleTV Blog has information on the devices and services available at present.

Google TV

Google TV is a platform that combines your current TV programming with the web and, before long, more apps. The announcement included links to information to optimize for Google TV UX and looking deeper into the Google TV info I was able to find a link to the app development info. Android phone apps will be supported and I think I see why the recent spate of Mobile and Social acquisitions for the Google.Me “social platform”. Simply could be a big contributor to the bottom line as a Social gaming platform looks like a natural winner giving GoogleTV a major leg up on the competition.

With a fully functioning web browser built in browser Google TV users can easily visit a site from their TV. You don’t have to worry about your current site it will still work just fine. They’ll be several feet away from the screen, not several inches away, and rather than a mouse on their desktop, they’ll have a remote with a keyboard and a pointing device.

The first public glimpse of this was with the “YouTube Leanback“ application which my friend Feydakin swears by! Below is an interview with Maile Ohye from SES Chicago where she provides a lot of information about optimizing for this new environment.



The convergence of the Web and TV is not new. Microsoft had web TV in the 90’s but this is different… much different. GoogleTV and the competition that follow are disruptive technologies because my present Cable bill of $183.50 can easily decrease by at least 50% with no difference in the service. The internet trimmed the cost of long distance and phones from $400 at it’s height down to a current cost of about $75.

I can see where GoogleTV and it’s inevitable competitors are going to do the same thing for my hefty cable bill. This has the capacity to be another disruptive technology the likes of which we have not seen in decades!

TheGypsy has written some good stuff on GoogleTV patents and other information.

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