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Happy Holidays from Searchmetrics!

Christmas comes but once a year, and this time around Searchmetrics, a Germany-based SEO/online marketing firm, is offering up a very merry gift indeed.

Holiday offer from Searchmetrics

Beginning December 24(or possibly even sooner) until December 31 @11:59pm, Searchmetrics Essentials, a powerhouse suite of online marketing modules, metrics, and real-time analytics, will be available to all registered users, free of charge. And if you’re not registered, it’s free and simple(even I pulled it off).

Here’s an idea of what to look forward to:

  • 100 million keywords
  • 75 million domains
  • 18 countries with real-time SEO and universal search analysis
  • 123 countries with their own keywords, analyses and potentials
  • 150 billion links with state-of-the-art filter options
  • The latest and fastest visibility data, updating up to five times per week on all customer keywords
  • Local rankings in 50 cities
  • Keyword searching with traffic figures and integration of universal search snippets
  • Competition analyses for domains and subdomains
  • Visibility for domains, subdomains and folders and at project level
  • 9 trillion social signals from Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Pinterest
  • On-page analysis (technical and content) related to the keywords per URL
  • Shortcuts to the web analysis providers allowing you to import your traffic data into the Suite
  • and much more”¦

All free, all week? Yep. And that’s not the end of the festivities. They’ll also be running a Demo Project highlighting the features of Essentials Plus, an expanded suite of tools. This will give users an idea of what else is possible, as well as demonstrating the capabilities of the Essentials Suite that’s up for grabs.

So go register already! This ones definitely worth your time. This stuff will heighten the profile of any campaign you may be running, even if you just use it for the week. Once you’re registered, follow them on Facebook. That’s where they’ll be announcing the opening of the offer. The ‘official’ start date is Dec 24, but as stated above, they may start early, so watch your notifications.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!



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  1. Brent Rangen December 20, 2012

    Nice! Thanks for the head’s up. I know a handful of people that would love to try out search metrics, I’ll send them your way.

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