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HMV; Rogue Tweeters Bid Adieu!

Over the last few week’s things have been going badly for music/video retailer HMV. They had the administrators brought in (essentially bankruptcy) to hopefully restructure things, which ultimately lead to another firm (Hilco) stepping in to buy the debt. Apparently. Anyway, the website looks like this now;

HMV website home page

Ok, now that’s not really a story for us. We’re all about the search and social.

But, I was lookin’ about shortly ago and started seeing some really strange RTs (re-tweets) coming across there were posted by the HMV Twitter account. They were quickly deleted, but we did manage to grab a screen before that happened.

Here’s the Tweets;

HMV rogue tweets


And while it’s (kinda?) funny and all, it does highlight the fact that one can’t be too damned careful with the control over the social accounts. It might be a good idea in these kind of situations to lock down any and all public channels, and change the passwords.

Anyway… thought it was worth sharing.



  1. Marj Wyatt January 31, 2013

    Since the advent of meeting people who offered services to manage social media and reputation, I’ve been dubious. I recognize there are very good and talented people out there but I was (and remain) at sea about whether or not it is a good idea to hand over that responsibility to contract staff.

    I’m not the best example of a social media maven, for sure, but I do have control of my accounts and I know what is being posted and when. For now, that is working for me.

  2. Ken Jones February 1, 2013

    Dunno if you want to update the article Dave but this link has a screen grab of the earlier tweets as well, which details the way HMV employees were brought in for a mass firing, prompting the rant from the soon-to-be-unemployed user with the keys to the company twitter account.

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