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How to edit your Google Plus cover photo

Not too long ago Google Plus changed the way the cover photos in profiles and pages are displayed. One of the odd drawbacks was that they are, by default, freakin’ HUGE! What we call a BAG; big ass graphic. And, as it turns out, getting something manageable isn’t all that easy.

Not even for Google channels. Look at this one from Google Analytics;

Google Plus Cover Photo

The Google Plus cover photo work-around

We did figure out a work around and some folks have been asking how. So below is a video and a quick description on how you can get it to work. Hopefully they fix it soon, but for now… this seems to be the way.

As stated in the video, here’s what ya’ do;.

  • Create the graphic to the relative dimensions Google wants (2120 x 1192 works nicely).
  • Leave a whack of white-space at the top
  • Upload (you now have a BAG)
  • Double click on the graphic > Choose “Edit Image”
  • In the G+ image editor, use CROP to trim the excess off.
  • Save > Refresh yer page

I hope this helps….

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