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If a Picture is worth 1000 Words, What’s a Video Worth?

Hey gang, I just thought I’d take a moment to steal the floor here at SNC and tell you about something we started doing over on our sister site, the SEO Training Dojo.

For those that know, and the poor souls that don’t, we have a few podcasts over there for the last few years. One is a weekly news round up and the other has luminaries from the search world dropping into to share their insights.


Recently, as part of an experiment (we’re just mad scientists at heart) we decided to take some snippets from the show and turn them into short videos. Is it the future of radio? Probably not, but it’s worth playing with.

Anyway, below are a few of the one’s we made and I’d love to hear what folks think of them. Is it worth doing? Do they suck? Give it to us, we can take it.

Google Unnatural Linking Messages


Google’s unnatural linking messages are the topic in this snippet from the podcast the guys are talking about the recent increase in unnatural linking messages in Google Webmaster Tools. What does it all mean and where’s link building headed? That’s what we want to know. For the entire podcast please go here.


Video Marketing and YouTube

YouTube Marketing Video and SEO Tips on SEO Dojo Radio’s Search Geeks Speak, In this highlight from the podcast, Carla Marshall, Steve Gerenscer join us to discuss the world of video marketing and universal search. Podcast originally aired March 08 2012. For the entire podcast go here.


Google Over-optimization Penalty


Google Over Optimization Penalty is discussed in this is exerpt from SEO Training Dojo’s SEO Dojo Radio 100th podcast special. This clip we’re talking about the recent Google ‘over optimization’ penalty with our special guest, Bill Slawski. to listen to the entire 2hr podcast, be sure to drop by the site here

Dojo Radio. Not just for ears anymore!

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