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Matt Cutts’ Latest SEO Patent Misconceptions

Well, our fav Googler (distinguished no less), Matt Cutts, was back with another video today and hey, he’s speaking my language!! No really, right off the top he got into patent-hounds. Being from the school of Slawski, one always talks of them with qualifiers such as “may be”, “could be” or “possibly”. Just because there’s a patent awarded, “.. doesn’t necessarily mean we’re using that patent“ as Matt states.

Matt Cutts SEO patent misconceptions

One off the cuff examples was the “..length of time a domain was registered“. Another (mythical?) one sounded kinda’ familiar;

“(a mechanism) by which you could look at how people had changed their webpage after an update and basically say, ‘Oh these are people who are responding to Google or they’re dynamically SEOing their stuff. “

Any guesses what that is? No? Does TransitionRank ring a bell? Or maybe here? How making changes to your site when rankings change was some kinda spam signal? Hee hee…

Anyway, here’s the vid.


Looking for more Matt?

For the YouTube geeks out there, our sister site (SEO Dojo) recently organized it’s channel. Along the way we grabbed some of the more relevant videos from Mr Cutts and put them into a single playlist.

Ok, it was for me… I’ll admit. Organized geekery, but hey, at least I’m sharing right? You can see the playlist and subscribe to the channel here.

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