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Microsoft Search Patents 2010

Next up in our patent round ups for 2010 is the only other big dog left standing; Microsoft. The laywers over there must keep REAL busy as there are far more than just search patents being pumped out each month (think computing, mobile, peripherals, Xbox and more). Actually makes collecting these harder than it’s counterparts at Google/Yahoo.

Bing search patents 2010

Given that MS is now handling Yahoo’s search, understanding how they do things has doubled in importance over the last 12 months. Once more semantic and NLP related patents are the largest sector with MS. This is actually par for the course over there. It, like query analysis at Yahoo, is an area they’ve always been strong in. There’s also a strong showing from the ‘Ranking Methods’ and ‘Behavioural Data’ areas. Behavioural has been big with all the contenders over the last few years.

On the lite-side of things, there was a distinct lack of geo-local stuff which seems odd given the movement in those areas over the last while. But hey, these are just awards right? We can’t read TOO much into it. I also found the presence of ‘named entities’ and a lack of link related offerings, to be potentially telling as well.

Anyway, here’s this year’s list for those keeping score;

Semantic and NLP

Ranking methods



Query Analysis




Named Entities

Geo Local


Relevance signals

Search by document type and relevance

Web Spam

Recommendation engine

Keyword search volume seasonality forecasting engine

TV Ads

Television system targeted advertising




If you missed the round up yesterday, here are the Yahoo Search Patents 2010. On Monday we will have a look at the big dog in the park; Google. Until then, play safe!

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