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Opting Out of Google AdWords Ad Suggestions

In 2017 Google created a new program for AdWords called Ad Suggestions. The premise of the program is that ad groups tend to perform better when there are multiple ads in an ad group. With proper ad rotation, you can see increases in clicks and conversions, in ad groups with three or more ads, of up to 15%.

Over the last few months, I have seen several suggested ads that actually did perform well, or offer up new ideas that I can expand on with my ads. But, I have also seen several Ad Suggestions that were just strange looking word combinations, almost like the old article spinners used to create. It is also possible that an ad could be created that may violate some terms of service or compliance issue (but I have not seen any example of these in the wild).

The real issue with the Ad Suggestions is the fact that when Google makes a “suggestion”, you have 14 days to respond before Google adds this suggestion to your Ad Group for you.

Fortunately, there is a way to opt-out of automatically publishing these automatic Ad Suggestions.

How To Opt Out of AdWords Ad Suggestions

Log into your AdWords account and click on Settings when at the main dashboard.

AdWords Ad Suggestions Opt Out Step 1

Click on Account Settings

AdWords Ad Suggestion Opt Out - Image 2

1. Click on Ad Suggestions

2. Click “Don’t automatically Apply ad suggestions”

3. Hit the dropdown menu and let them know why you are opting out if you like.

4. Be sure to click “Save”.

AdWords Ad Suggestions Opt Out Procedure

While this doesn’t completely opt you out of the Ad Suggestions program, it does allow you to maintain control over your ads and keep ads that you don’t approve of being run for you. This will save you some of your ad spend, while allowing you to maintain a tighter focus on the ads you want to focus on.


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