Google’s New Definition of search

Google’s Schmidt Says Future Of Search Is Autonomous, Personal Fast Search Andy Beard discovered this on Techmeme pointing to “Google’s Schmidt: Autonomous, Fast Search Is ‘Our New Definition” from a keynote Mr. Schmidt gave at Berlin’s IFA home electronics event (Video). This keynote is indicative of where Google seems to… Continue Reading Google’s New Definition of search

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Traffic Segments for Google Analytics

A Crash Course getting creative

Any SEM or SEO professional has to be using analytics to measure progress, specific initiatives, and ROI. Google is kind enough to provided you preloaded reports (i.e. dashboard, traffic sources, content, etc), but often that’s only giving you a small chapter of the data story.

Last year, Dave and the Trail provided you with Content Overview Analysis in Google Analytics. A really nice high-level overview how to create some useful, high level segments. Earlier this year I wrote a post on SEM Reporting for Pros, which carved out some geeky, data-driven reports.

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Google Under Review by Texas Attorney General

Google Universal Search Reviewed for Bias Toward Google Verticals Late Friday Google disclosed it is facing another probe into its business practices. The Texas attorney general is reviewing Google’s methods for recommending websites in search results. The focus of the review seems to be on whether Google is manipulating its… Continue Reading Google Under Review by Texas Attorney General

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The Death of SEO

Yes, I’m going there. Bear with me, this is not another one of those typical clueless ‘SEO is dead‘ articles. I’ve riled against articles proclaiming the death of SEO often enough that if I really were to embark on that journey I’d have to tattoo the word ‘hypocrite’ on my forehead. I just wanted to get your attention. Ok?

But I am, in a way, predicting the death of SEO. But not as a solitary thing – it’s not just SEO that’s going to die. It’s the whole World Wide Web as we know it.

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Can a Consumer Advocacy Help SEOs reputation?

Ever since the SEO industry grew beyond the in-house and homegrown webmasters and into a client consulting service there have been misconceptions about what SEO is, what SEOs do and the “type” of people that are SEOs.

The term “snakeoil salesman”, and “woman”, has plagued the SEO industry for years. The bad reputation that the SEO industry harbors is passed by word-of-mouth or by scathing news/blog posts about a business owner being swindled of their cash by the “scammers, spammers & hacks” that make up the SEO industry. We cannot deny the fact that these people do exist within the SEO industry or, to that point, within any and every industry on the planet. If there weren’t, lawyers would be broke.

SEO scammers

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What can SEOs learn from Google Suggest?

A journey into Google’s patent on generating suggestions

Search engines are always looking to make our lives easier, or at least accessing the world’s information in a timely manner. But in the old days they had to wait for the user to take action before they could begin to deliver potential results for a query – not these days – starting to gather search results and even implementing search assist can happen with each keystroke.

You know the one, the suggestions they make as you’re typing in a given query? It looks something like this;

Google Search Assist

I know more than a few SEO peeps have talked about this as a potential problem for some long tail targets and others have pondered if it would make a good keyword research tool. They can also use the same systems for query analysis as far as which documents to return and rank. But what if there is a potential for personalization of this data? Because there just might be; and that would certainly limit its overall effectiveness from a SEO perspective – At least as a research tool.

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