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Useless Noise: SEO and the Dirty Web

I love SEO. I really do. I enjoy every nook, cranny, get-your-hands-dirty aspect of it. What I don’t enjoy, however, is how people use and abuse it to get to the top. Now, granted, some people have no real understanding of how SEO and, specifically, content writing work together. They can be excused from this particular class. Naivety and lack of knowledge is a legitimate reason for improper SEO.

Copywriting Rant

The issue then becomes a matter for those who know better: aka, the optimizers, professional content writers, business owners that have actually learned SEO. You know whom you are, hiding in your dark little corners, Mr. Keyword Commenter. Give us a name, people – add your keyword and link as the signature for the comment, not as who you are. This is only one aspect of what you’ve done. You’re dirtying up the Web, which millions of others happen to enjoy, with useless noise. Stop it!