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Penguin, Panda and Search Quality updates from the SEO Dojo

If there’s one thing that’s consistent in the land of Google over the last few years, it’s change. Massive changes actually. Almost seemed that the Caffeine infrastructure update was the sign of things to come.

These days we have P2 as well as the ongoing search quality highlights and more.

So where does one keep a handle on it all? Certainly my good friend over at the Moz, Dr Pete, has done an awesome job of it. So that’s one place. Now we have another. We started keeping them over at our sister site; The SEO Training Dojo.

Panda, Penguin and Search Quality updates


Panda and Penguin dates and more

We have been doing a fair bit of consulting over the last 18 month on sites that may or may not have been hit by either the Google Panda updates, or the Penguin ones (we lovingly call P2). One of the best ways to start to diagnose if they’re in play, is to look at the dates.

Pete’s most awesome collection is groovy and all, but we found ourselves rooting through a bunch of other stuff, just to isolate some dates. As such we put our own together for easy access. After that, we’ve decided to start dedicated pages to track other resources of interest on each.

You can find them here; Panda and Penguin datesPenguin updates pagePanda updates page


Google Search Quality Highlights

This was another area of Google updates that I just could leave alone. For those that follow this publication, or myself over the year, you’d know I like to collect and categorize Google patent offerings. There is always something to be gleaned from them and the over-all evolution.

When the Inside Search blog started posting these updates, I couldn’t resist also doing the same for them. I wanted a collection of them sorted by the type of algorithmic change, as well as some kind of record as far as project and release code names. So now I have it…

You can find those here; Search Quality Highlights main page

Don’t say I never give ya nothing!

Oh and before I go… it’s worth noting that I generally keep this kinda hard work and golden nuggets private for the members of the SEO Dojo. Origially this time was no different. It was my partner Terry that kept pushing for it to be open as some kinda ‘public service‘… grumble mumble…

So enjoy… aight? Laterz



  1. Brad Dalton August 28, 2012

    What quality?

    I’m finding content clearly marked outdated ranking top 3 in Google.

    Forum questions from a high DA domain without any answers are also ranked top 3

  2. Ellie Gacy August 29, 2012

    Thank you for proving those links on Panda, Penguin and search quality updates. 🙂

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