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Playing with Google Conversational Search

Earlier today Danny Sullivan, via SEL, was writing about Google Conversational search, which was announced last week at Google I/O. He gave a few examples and an animated gif, since he wasn’t around any capture software at the time.

Google Conversational Search

You can read his article on it, nice work as always, I just figured making a video playing with it was in order. Although I did take the Canadian slant. Is it ready for prime time? Probably not. Can we start to see where this is going? Indeed.

Oh and hey, there’s a fun little Easter egg I found… it’s at the end of the video.

Welcome to conversational voice search

While the conversational aspect of it is cool, the voice recognition does leave a little to be desired. I tried some searches like [where is Toronto] and then [places to eat] and well… it didn’t really follow the task. Most of the actually conversational elements were centric around knowledge base type stuff.

If you missed my post on the new Xbox One and it’s implications, it’s worth checking out. At this point I’d still give the voice command and search on that the leg up.


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