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Search Geeks Speak; Google +1 and rankings

Google social search continues to grow. It’s not going anywhere anytime soon. But the question still remains; are they affecting the organic search results or will they ever? We have seen plenty of debate on this one and as such decided to run a poll over on our siste site, the SEO Training Dojo

We asked; How much do you think Google +1 affects SERPs results?

  • 25% – Only in personalized setting
  • 21% – Minor metric
  • 17.3 % – Fair to med scoring
  • 15.4% – Testing, not widespread
  • 13.5% – Not at all
  • 7.7% – Extensively

The results on this one made this geek proud. Given the chatter about them and jackasses selling them) it was in question whether folks would be bullish on this one.

Google + and rankings

It really doesn’t make much sense to Google to be using the +1 as a ranking signal anywhere outside of a personalized setting. It is more than just a little spammy and is a subjective implicit feedback (what one kind of person likes, another may not).

The fact that some 46% felt it would have little effect or only in personalized, implies that world hasn’t gone completely mad at least. The Dojo’s Terry Van Horne felt that SEO’s don’t really get what it’s doing.

” … small but 4% think it is extensive. ‘Not at all’ 13.5%, that poll is pretty telling considering the audience. So look at your (not providced) data for the leads as to what to do …determine that audience etc.”

What do you make of it? Sound off in the comments.

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Polls on SNC

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Be sure to hit it up and I’ll see you in the next instalment of Search Geeks Speak. I appreciate you taking the time because it’s always interesting (and often telling) to see what the greater search community thinks about these things. Keep it goin!

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