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SEO Training Dojo celebrates 2 years of kicking search ass!

Today marks the second anniversary of one of the great online SEO training sites, the SEO Training Dojo. Ok sure, we’re biased since it’s our sister site, but it is completely awesome, really!

SEO Training Dojo birthday

Spearheaded by search masters David Harry and Terry Van Horne, the Dojo offers its members exclusive access to some of the best SEO resources on the web. It is a place where SEO’s of all skill levels from all parts of the industy in all walks of life come to share there knowledge and learn from each other. Featuring news and videos, social, podcasts, manuals, handbooks, vast resources, web forums, and much, much more it’s a community on the grow.


What’s up for year 3?

Some of the soon to be released features include a one-stop KeyWord research section, Link-building and KW resaearch spreadsheets, enhanced profiles and an all new Tools section! Also soon to be released is the new Mentor/Coaching program, where members can link up one-on-one for direct training and guidance!

One of the best features of the Dojo is the Study Hall. This invaluble guide can take you from beginner to know it-all, with ever-expanding sections on link-building, SEO for Beginners, Site audits, Search engines, Ranking Factors and more. And it’s all fresh content from Dave himself!

Learn SEO

As a mermber you also gain access to a full arsenal of online SEO Tools. They’ve got everything you need from some of the best tool builders and SEO sites on the web today. And the list is always growing!

Through on-site social networking you gain access to some of the greatest minds in SEO. With advanced profiles, current and relevant forums and a members-only, 24/7 chat room, complete with a weekly 2 hour formal discussions with the headmasters, great SEO thinkers are always at your fingertips!

Enhanced profiles

Other great features include links to valuable resouces, blogs, upcoming events and the latest SEO news.


Great Guests

And you wont want to miss the weekly PodCasts featuring The Regulators(Dave and Terry with Steve Gerencser and Justin Parks) and interviews with some of the top players in the SEO game!

SEO Dojo podcasts

Podcast shows and visitors to the Friday chats which have seen some of the best minds in search includin

Danny Sullivan
Chris Boggs
Dana Lookadoo
Tony Verre
Barry Adams
Richard Baxter
Debra Mastaler
Donna Fontenot
Joe Hall
Jill Whalen

Barry Schwartz
Dom Hodgson
Andy Beard
Heather Llyod-Martin
Mike Grehan
Hamlet Batista
Jim Hedger
Garrett French
Virginia Nussey

And panel session on various topics including;

Community Building with Aaron Wall and Rand Fishkin
Keywords Research Panel With Christine Churchill and Dan Thies

Local SEO Panel – Andrew Shotland, Mike Blumenthal, Darren Shaw
Links Panel – Debra Mastaler, Wil Reynolds, Garrett French
News and Media – Marshall Simmonds, Topher Kohan
SEO PR – Lee Odden, Nichola Stott, Claire Thompson
SEO Tools – Raven and Screaming Frog
Video – Tim Nash, Andy Beard, Jonathan Allen
Ecommerce Technical SEO Panel w/ Scott Polk and Hamlet Batista

Actually, the private SEO Dojo chat room is one of the best features and is active 24/7 with geeks from around the world talking shop. A one of a kind offering. The list goes on and on! And with new stuff being added all the time, there’s never been a better time to become a member!


Birthday offerings!!

As part of the celebration we have some freebies and a discount for the loyal readership of SNC.

SEO T shirtsGet a discount – for starters you can get 25% off of any membership plan at the SEO Training Dojo by simply using the code; SNCbday when signing up to the community. This code is only good until the end of the month, so get on it NOW!

Get free swag! – as part of the celebrations the first 10 people that sign up for 1 year premium memberships get their choice of SEO Training Dojo wear!! Some fun T’s and sweat shirts (you can see some of them here)

So what are you waiting for? Come join us today (all the writers on SNC are members over at the Dojo as well)

What are people saying;

Testimonial; Dave Harry and Terry Van Horne have done a wonderful job developing the SEODojo over the last two years, the community spirit is strong with people freely sharing their SEO and marketing experiences. If I need to know about the latest patent writing, or have a more technical issue explained in detail, I head for the Dojo. Dave and Terry do a great job simplifying complex issues so they’re easy to understand. But it’s not all work at the Dojo, there’s also a lot of fun going on. The community is friendly and always willing to share a story or two, the regulars make sure newbie’s feel welcome and are part of the conversation. If you’re looking for a place to learn, network and just have fun, consider joining the SEODojo. – Debra Mastaler- Link Marketer – Alliance Link

Testimonial; People often ask me where I have been hiding – the Dojo is my “home from home”, my “local”, and my SEO help line rolled into one.
Andy Beard – Blogger – Andy’s Blog

If your still not convinced, check out some more testimonials from current members!



  1. Dean Cruddace November 8, 2011

    Happy birthday to the SEO Dojo! The members have helped me out of a few holes and kept my mind ticking over nicely for a few years now…

    …easily in my top 3 resources for SEO, cheers to Dave and Mr T for such a valuable resource.

  2. JLC Dave November 8, 2011

    Yeah happy birthday Dojo. Can’t believe its two years already.

  3. SNCadmin November 8, 2011

    Thanks guys… and ya’ll have been most awesome members!! The place ain’t nuttin withuot great members to keep it real!

  4. Dana Lookadoo November 9, 2011

    Happy Birthday! Words do not and cannot fully express how many valuable relationships have been developed as a result of the SEO Dojo. I have so many more people I can “ping” when I have a question or want to brainstorm an issue.

    The only challenge is that the Dojo has helped my business grow so much that I haven’t had as much time to hang out and chat.

    You guys and gals ROCK!!

  5. mikewilton November 9, 2011

    I can’t believe it’s already been 2 years already. Looking forward to year three, still a group of some of my favorite peeps in the industry. I must say I am most looking forward to the mentor/coaching program. I have learned a lot on m own, but I have definitely hit a plateau where I think I could use some further guidance. Here’s to another year!

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