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Digital Marketing Insights; Live

Hey gang, we’re back for another episode of Search Marketing Insights!

In case you missed last months debut, as part of the never ending evolution of online media, SNC has gone visual. As in LIVE! Using the power of Google Hangouts On Air, we’re bringing the Search Marketing world live to your screen. SMI goes live a 1:00pm EST, so if you’re a bit early, you can catch the last episode, Integrated SEO 2013.

Keyword targeting and reporting

Next week, (July 16th @ 1pm EST) we’re having another Google Hangout on Air. It promises to be a great show as always, hosted by everyone’s fav host with the most; Jim Hedger!

The topic this time out is; Keywords and Traffic Reporting for Modern SEO.

Our guests for the show are;

Some of the topics we’ll be covering on the show include;

Benchmarks & KPI; tracking what matters to the client; the end goal of keywrod targeting and tracking is the conversions. What matters and how does on track it?

Not Provided ““ advantages and disadvantages; how has Google’s changes affected your programs and tracking? We will also look at the hidden values and opportunities.

Vanity terms ““ the cost of being myopic; when clients get over fucussed on the big money terms, what does it mean for you? We’ll discuss the issues that can arise.

Rankings and the query space ““ tracking the competition; we hear all the time that rankings are no longer of value. But is that really the case? We’ll dig in and find out.

Query classification (and recent changes); is Google changing the way they classify queries? And if so, what does that mean for keyword research and targeting?

It should be a rocking time, so be sure to sign up for the event on Google Plus and then watch it here on the site, or on Google Plus next Tuesday.

Until then; play safe!

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