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Social Sharing: Is It Essential for Growth?

According to Tippr, social sharing is the spreading of daily deals from user to user through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email and others. But is that really what social sharing is? Is it just about daily deals?

social shaing gets you 'liked'

Let me ask you a question. How much, on average, does your social activity involve a coupon, sale or other “deal”? I’m not a betting woman, but if I were, I’d bet a large sum the answer is “not much”.  Yes, people talk about businesses, but – looking over Twitter as just an example – it’s more about how businesses perform than what they’re offering.

The fact is, as most of you know, social sharing is a great way for business owners to stay in contact with their customers. It makes increased engagement and conversation possible.

Between the various possibilities (blogging, email, instant messenger platforms, umpteen social networks”¦), it’s incredibly easy to share with your networks.

But”¦ is it essential? I think so, and here’s why:

Social Sharing has a huge impact on SEO

You spend a lot of time and effort writing your message with the intention of getting lots of traffic to your sites. You want your audience to freely share your content with their networks. You make sure you’re writing for your audience. To the best of your ability, you write things you know they want to read.

How do you do that? You look at your data. You see the search terms they’re using to reach your site. You look at your blog stats. You have a Eureka moment that sets something wonderful in motion. Not only do they reach your site for XYZ term, but also you’re ready for them when they get there with fire content.

the difference sharing makes

Zee fire: she is burning, at a 2000% jump in traffic for this post. After a couple of posts like these, our average daily visits tripled, going from 100-200 a day to 300-600 a day.

YES! Actively using social media has a huge impact on your site’s SEO effectiveness. When someone likes, tweets, pluses or even stumbles your content, it can generate a huge amount of attention and exposure for your brand.

That exposure provides a greater possibility of gaining inbound links ““ and we all know inbound links are good food for healthy, high ranking websites.

So now you know; if you want that type of traffic jump, social is the way to go. It’s not keeping up with the Jones’s, it’s being where your customers are.

Make It Easy to Share

No matter how awesome your content is, it isn’t so awesome if no one sees it. ““And, while it can be argued that people will figure out how to share awesome content that moves them, the easier you make it for them to share, the higher the chance is they will.

We’re a busy species; we don’t have time to dink around trying to find out how to share your content.

Many companies invest big money in creating content for their sites and wonder why no one buys their products. Brands need to make the commitment to be active on the same social networks as their customers, and to build relationships instead of just talking at them.

Take the Time to:

  • Set up a proper brand page (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus) on the social networks your customers are active on.
  • Regularly post status updates with relevant content useful to your customers.
  • Directly interact with your customers and answer their questions. Build relationships and create fans!

Don’t Forget to Make it Easy to Share Your Content

  • Install social sharing buttons on your site.
  • Make commenting easy for your readers.
  • Make it easy for customers to sign up for email updates.
  • Make it easy for customers to subscribe to your blog or website.

Make Statistics Work for You

Statistics are key to justify new media marketing strategies. They also help you keep your thumb on the pulse of what your key audience is talking about.

In order to make your marketing message relevant and focused, check analytic numbers and information regularly. Social media networks’ growth is based on how consumers use them, and use is always evolving (a good example to checkout is:  7 Social Media Infographics).

For business owners who have not seen the impact of just posting content on their brand’s blogs and using traditional advertising, WAKE UP! Buying ads is not enough. Be relevant. Be where your customers are. Be part of the conversation, engage and build true relationships.

Okay, so setting up and implementing a sound social campaign will take significant time and investment in the beginning. The long-term benefits, however, make the initial investment well worth it.

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