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Strange SERPs Could Be Penguin 1.1

There is evidence today that Google may have updated Penguin.

While there is no official word on the matter, there have been talks of strange SERP activity, as well as claims of recovery by some folks who were hit late in april by the algo update. There is a clear indication that something’s going on, due to the action that started yesterday. Whether it’s ‘Penguin 1.1‘ or not is another matter.

Possible Penguin v1.1

Whether this is a retooling or refreshing of the algo update will matter little to any of you who felt the wrath of the Penguin and have yet to recover. Chances are, as is usually the case, that this is nothing to get too excited about, but we’ll keep an eye on it for you folks.

For more details, see the seo round table report from this morning.

Update: Google has released notification that no algorithm updates have taken place, Penguin or otherwise.(5/14/12 2:15pm)

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