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The SEO Dojo Get’s a Facelift for it’s Birthday

We have some big news today… well, we like to think it is at least ;0)

All of the writers here on SNC were coaxed into entertaining you with a membership at our sister site, the SEO Training Dojo. Up until now it was residing on The Firehorse Trail, but no more. As of today the community has it’s own brand new domain name and some major improvements to boot.

It started with me starting to talk about the evolution here on SNC and on the Trail – It was also apparent we needed to move the community as well, thus the birdthday plan was hatched. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOJO! You can read the news bits and get a birthday special discount as part of the festivities.

For your disection; SEOtrainingDojo.comBirthday Re-launch Discounts

A sneak peak

While the post announcing the changes does a better job, here’s some screens to wet yer whistle;

SEO Training Dojo

SEO Training Dojo

Drag and Drop functionality


For more screens, see the post. Or visit the new home page

Happy Birthday Dojo’s

It’s been a blast, this our first year, we learn as much as we teach. I was thinking about sicking one of the dogs here on it for a review, but that’s a frightening thought. I once more want to take the oportunity to thank all of the members that helped along the way. The place is getting really cool!


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