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Did Your Website Show Up For Work Today?

Whether you’re an engineer or plumber, realtor or roofer… if you have a website advertising your business… you’re probably also a webmaster.


  • Are people using that site to find you?
  • Does it drive business your way?
  • Is it driving as much as your competitor’s does?

Or is it just a business card on the internet, a box you ticked off? “Website? CHECK

As a manager you don’t check on an employee every few years to see if he’s still doing his job. DO YOU?

Then why would you assume your Website is? Because it seemed to be a few years ago? For all you know it may be in the break room drinking coffee and playing cards with the microwave.

If you haven’t thought about it lately, it’s time to do so. The net is dynamic. What “worked” before is not necessarily what works today. Google makes a change in their algorithm, and what was helping you may now be working against you. It happens.

You have a job to do. Keeping up with changes in your own industry is expected, but knowing whether Google made changes recently isn’t something you’ll know unless you’re in THAT industry. It’s never a bad time to have a pro assess the status of your site. Ideally you establish a relationship with someone that can do so on an ongoing basis.

Meanwhile”¦ here are a few articles that may help:

So stay current. Current is good. But don’t forget to use professional help when needed. Like any employee, your website needs to be monitored to make sure it is performing at its optimum level.

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