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What Not to Miss at Interactivity Digital 2013

As part of the ongoing efforts at Search News Central to bring you the latest digital search and social industry news and commentary from top thought leaders”¦ I’m going to South Beach.

interactivity digital 2013

Yes, you read that correctly.  I’m going to play in the sun and sand with all the beautiful people; people like Rand Fiskin, Marty Weintraub, Victoria Edwards, and Melissa Fach.

On May 15th and 16th Search News Central will be providing live access to what promises to be one of the hottest boutique conferences of the 2013 season.

I will be live tweeting sessions like, Getting Down to SEO Brass Tacks: Optimizing Your Site featuring Alan Bleiweiss, John Doherty, and Carolyn Shelby.  And Social Analytics ““ KPIs That Matter featuring Adam Singer, Jennifer Sable Lopez, and Simon Heseltine.

In addition to two days of real time internet marketing GOLD, I will be interviewing many of the speakers, including Courtney Seiter of Raven Tools, Angie Schottmuller of Three Deep Marketing, and Loren Baker now with Copyblogger Media.  Hold on to your hats folks because many of these interviews are going to be available to LISTEN to on Webmaster Radio!

So along with all of the pictures of beaches and palm trees 😉 who are you most interested in learning from?  What topics do you need the inside track on?  Here is the agenda for both days of Interactivity Digital.  I need to hear from you!  Comment, leave messages on the Facebook timeline, tweet me like crazy.  Tell me which sessions I CANNOT miss.


Effectively Creating, Executing, and Tracking Your Digital Strategy
Rand Fishkin

The term “digital strategy” is a hot-button topic right now but what does creating a successful digital strategy actually entail? Properly tracking and analyzing data from all avenues, planning for how to incorporate that data into existing marketing channels, and evaluating the results based on pre-determined KPIs.

This can’t-miss session will feature insights on how to use the data that you already have to create an actionable strategy that will make implementation and evaluation a breeze.

coconut wants con

Getting Down to SEO Brass Tacks: Optimizing Your Site                
Alan Bleiweiss, John Doherty, Carolyn Shelby

If “content is king,” then consider your website as its castle. Posting great content is essential to SEO success, but what’s the point in spending time creating content if you’re sending visitors to an unoptimized website? This session will cover the technical and on-page optimization techniques needed to bring your website from obscurity to authority.

Killer KPIs: Turning Data into Dollars                     
Annie Cushing, Bill Hunt, Marty Weintraub

Search marketers have access to more data than ever before, but many are still sifting through forums and blogs in an attempt to understand it all. After attending this session you will not only leave with a great understanding of essential KPIs for both paid and organic traffic, but also how to leverage them for even greater returns.

Social Analytics ““ What are the KPIs that matter?                                           
Adam Singer, Jennifer Sable Lopez, Simon Heseltine

So you are spending all this time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and every other Social Network known to man. Is it worth it? Are you achieving the desired outcome? Hell”¦ What is the desired outcome. Learn from the experts on the social KPI’s that really matter. Learn how to chart your success, track your ROI and validate your time!

Mission Possible: Become a Search Marketing Spy through Competitive Analysis
John Doherty, Marty Weintraub, Bill Hunt

No need for super-sleuthing”“ we’re going to present all of the tools and strategies needed to find what your competitors are doing to drive their traffic and increase their conversions. We’ll also show you how to leverage this data for your own benefit without ever raising your competitors’ eyebrows.

If you have competitors (and who doesn’t?) this is a session that you simply can’t afford to miss.

Funneling Your Way to More Conversions                         
Scott Brinker, Angie Schottmuller, Phil Foriska

It’s an unfortunate fact of search marketing”“ not everyone who visits your website will convert. However, there are specific steps that you can take to drive well-qualified traffic to your site to fill your conversion funnel.

This session will cover strategies to make your website more optimized for conversions and how to evaluate data to fine-tune your strategies down to a science.

It Takes a Village to Raise a Brand: Using Social Media to Build Relationships and Create Community   
Mari Luangrath, Jennifer Sable Lopez, Courtney Seiter

Don’t be the social media equivalent of a salesman with a bullhorn”“ constant self-promotion isn’t cool no matter how awesome you (think) you are. Learn how to leverage social media to build brand buzz, foster better relationships with your customers, and create a sense of community that people can’t help but like and follow.


The New Rules of Google Dominance
Andy Beal, Simon Heseltine

The days of tweaking your site to rank in Google are practically over. Learn how to build a brand and earn Google’s trust using social media marketing, word of mouth, customer engagement and reputation management.

Driving Kick Ass Traffic with Kick Ass Content Strategies
Michael King, Victoria Edwards, Melissa Fach

Creating content without a strategy to promote it is a fool’s errand. This session is designed to demystify content strategies and how they should be implemented. If you’re serious about reaching your customers with relevant and interesting content and then measuring the results, this session is for you.

Making it Jive: Using Data to Make (and Improve) SEM Decisions
Benjamin Spiegel, Marc Poirer, Jon Henshaw

It’s time to stop treating paid search and organic search data as separate entities. Data is as data does. This session will illustrate the best ways to leverage your paid, organic, and social data to form customer profiles that can be used to drive more qualified traffic to your website from all of your marketing avenues.

Going to School: Link Building Clinic
Michael King, Todd Malicoat

Link-building is absolutely essential to organic search success, but can sometimes turn into a time and labor-intensive process. While we can’t promise to eliminate outreach emails and link requests entirely, this session is designed to teach you how to generate high-quality links in less time using tried-and-true methods that will help you become a link-building pro.

hurry up!

The Dawning of a New Email Era: The Trends You Need to Know
Peter Shankman, Ross Kramer

Around since the very beginning of email, email marketing isn’t going anywhere any time soon. However, it’s time for marketers to change their approach to reaching people via email. This session will cover how to implement email campaign strategies that are proven to turn email recipients into paying clients.

Reeling Customers in with Remarketing              
Marc Poirier, Larry Kim, Cassie Oumedian

Remarketing has blossomed into one of the most popular search marketing techniques, but are you taking full advantage of all of its capabilities? Our expert panel will give their thoughts on the best ways to ensure remarketing success.

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