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What’s your favourite rank checking tool?

We recently ran a poll over at our sister site to get a sense of which applications SEOs were using or preferred for rank checking. Yes, we all know that rank checking isn’t exactly as important a metric as it used to be, due to flux, geo-localization, personalization and more… but clients tend to hold them tightly and some historical data never hurts when programming or assessing problems.

Rank Checking Tools

The poll itself had some 87 votes, here’s how it broke down;

Yes, there are always a bunch of programs not listed, so feel free to mention others in the comments. It seems a fair representation though. As always it’s a limited data set, so take it for what it is. I just found it interesting and worth sharing quickly on a Thursday afternoon…. carry on.



  1. Philippa November 24, 2011

    I use Rankerizer. It’s free, straight-forward, and seems pretty reliable.

  2. Psycholog Gdynia November 25, 2011

    Im using Rankerizer too, its fast and simple.

  3. Conception Web December 14, 2011

    I use SEOMoz ! its a bit slow something but very good overall.

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