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Yahoo Search Patents 2010

Over the course of three posts I am going to round-up the various patent awards (of interest) from the 2010. This is a habit I’ve had since 2008 and it is a nice way for me to track things for future reference. While it’s not exactly entertaining, I hope you bookmark and make use of them in the future.

Today we’re getting things started with Yahoo’s offerings. Yes, their search has become somewhat redundant these days, but search is search and there’s always tidbits of interest. These aren’t all of the patents awarded, but the ones I felt were relevant to the search geeks of the world.

The largest area was in the query analysis sector and this is fairly standard for Yahoo as they have some of the best computer scientists in this area. This is followed up by semantic analysis and local which are also quite prevalent among ALL of the engines. If you didn’t already guess that local is huge, this adds more fuel to that fire.

Anyway, on with the list…

Query Analysis

Semantic and NLP

Ranking methods

Geo Local

Behavioural data



Recommendation engine

Page Segmentation


Semantic mark-up



Duplicate content

Techniques for detecting duplicate web pages


Web spam

Detection of undesirable web pages


Identifying and expanding implicitly temporally qualified queries






And there we have it. These lists are very handy when you are researching a given aspect of search for your programs. This is how I use them actually… collect methods from the main engines and analyze the approaches to get a feel for how they are doing things.

But, please do remember; patents are the past, papers are the future. Use these for insight but remember some don’t get used, some are many years old and they have likely evolved over time.

Next time out we will be looking at the offerings from Microsoft and then we will get to the big dog that is Google…

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