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Yahoo Search Patents 2011

Hello my fellow geeks and welcome to the last in our series on the year that was in patents in the world of search. In case you missed the previous rambling, we’re not reverse engineering. We’re merely looking to learn how search engineers think.

Yahoo search patents 2011

And yes, I hear you saying, “Yahoo?? They’re no longer relevant“. There’s the misstep. We’re not using patents (and papers) to unlock the holy grail, we’re looking to learn how search geeks think at the various engines.

The Year in Search Patents from Yahoo

With Yahoo we saw many of the usual suspects as far as awards dealing with areas such as Social, Behavioural, Named Entities. Somewhat missing, or at least not as active, were Geo-local, Temporal and others.



Semantic and NLP


Query Analysis


Named Entities

Verticals/Universal; Video, News, Images, Blogs, Forums, Ecommerce




Page segmentation

Recommendation engine




Duplicate Content

This and That…

These are the somewhat less targeted but equally interesting offerings…

Ranking methods



Digging a little deeper

Of course, we also have a few years worth of this stuff, so if you want more see;

Happy New Year to ya’ll and all the best wishes for 2012!!



  1. Doc January 2, 2012

    Nice collection of “light reading”, Dave! Thanks for going to the trouble of sorting them so they’re easier to find.

  2. SNCadmin January 2, 2012

    No probs Doc, it’s something I do anyway to keep me organized, so why not share right? I am also going to categorize the last 3 years worth. Be easier when I want to research a given area to have them all in one place (likely post that to the Dojo though).

  3. Psycholog Gdynia January 3, 2012

    Nice sorted collection, now its good time to read all.

  4. Eldad Sotnick-Yogev January 3, 2012

    Love this kind of stuff and wish I had a microchip implanted that could more quickly digest & store the information for better future retrieval

  5. SNCadmin January 3, 2012

    I hear ya Eldad. I don’t even get time to read them all myself. What I tend to do is find a topic I want to write about and then look and the various offerings from that segment. Makes it easier to get focussed and to look big picture.

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